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I've been tied up with a bunch of different projects over the past few months, but there's still been some great progress. For the time being, I'm focusing on the Star Attack Battle Station as more folks are interested in the Station than the Ultimate Star Battle Spaceship. Here's what's happened over the past few months:
First up, Star Attack Battle Station superfan, Leatus Reed found a nearly pristine vintage example and was kind enough to loan it to me for the cause. This was a great help to the factory so they could see exactly what the unassembled pieces looked like and locate the corresponding molds. I plan on sharing lots of photos of this vintage piece since examples this perfect and complete are rare. Here's the vintage instructions that were in the box:
Tim Mee Toy Star Attack Battle Station vintage Instructions
Thanks to the vintage find, the factory was able to locate most of the molds and even made test shots for us in a silver gray color plastic. The great news is all the main pieces are there. The only parts that haven't been located yet are the small accessories and spring loaded missile launchers. These pieces aren't essential, and I don't think the missile launchers would pass safety testing these days anyway. Two of the missile launchers are easily replaced with the regular guns, but there is an empty spot in front of the rotating seat that's right above the main entrance. It's still possible the missing small parts molds will turn up, but if not, I have some ideas to replace the missing launcher with something cool.
Here's the test shot molded in all silver-gray. This not necessarily what the production color would be, but I think with black guns and optional stickers it would look pretty good. I'll make some digital mockups to get everyone's opinion before making any final color decisions.
Tim Mee Toy Star Attack Battle Station Test Shot

I received production cost estimate and, as expected, this reissue will be pricey. My best estimate is the Space Station would have a retail price of $130 (which includes shipping). I think a pre-order or crowdfunding price would be $110 for a single unit and $380 for a 4 pack (enough to make a complete circle). So bottom line is this reissue is possible, but will be fairly expensive both to produce and to purchase. I estimate a crowdfunding effort of about $100,000 and 1000 folks will be needed to get it over the finish line.
The next step is to build the 'Ultimate Star Battle' email list up to a point where I think we have enough folks interested to launch the crowdfunding campaign. We're only at about 10% of that goal so far, so I'll need help spreading the word. If you know anyone (especially groups and communities) who might be interested, let them know about this email list and how they can help by joining and also sharing. Here's the sign up form:



In the meantime, I'll continue to work with the factory to figure out the details prior to a potential crowdfunding campaign. I'll also reach out to a couple of communities I know of that might be interested. The action figure size Tim Mee Dominator Battle Tank and 3.1 inch Red vs. Black Fantasy Figure reissues just arrived so it will be a good time to promote the projects:
Tim Mee Dominator Battle Tank and Fantasy Figures
All feedback is appreciated, so post a comment or drop me a message if you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.
Tanks' for your support!

Link to previous post for this project: https://timmeeusa.com/blogs/news/tim-mee-toys-ultimate-star-battle-reissue-projects

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  • ..thanks for the updates….have ordered 2 of the Dominators….

    Clarence Causey on

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