Tim Mee Toys 'Ultimate Star Battle' Reissue Projects:

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Tim Mee Ultimate Star Battle Vintage Box Art

There's been some recent interest in new production of the Tim Mee Ultimate Star Battle Spaceship and Star Attack Battle Station. These are 2 crazy cool 'Action Figure' size accessories that were found in big-box stores years ago.

As some first steps, I've set up an email list and and an Ultimate Star Battle Facebook page to gauge if there's enough demand for a reissue. There's already enough folks signed up for us to move forward getting production quotes so we can figure out just how much reissues will cost. I have no idea how much they will retail for yet, but they are going to be expensive to produce, so a crowdfunding campaign might be the way to get these reissued.

The factory has informed me they definitely have at least some of original molds, but they don't have complete product samples so aren't certain they have all the molds. The next step is for me to provide them with detailed photos of all the individual pieces so they can try to locate all the molds and figure out production costs.

I have nearly mint in the box Ultimate Star Battle Spaceship i found on eBay that will be perfect for detailed parts photos, and I'll do that just as soon as I can get a break in my schedule.  I have not been able to find a complete vintage Star Attack Battle Station yet, so if you have one to sell, lend, or are willing to disassemble and photograph, let me know. In the meantime, if you'd like to see these reissued, sign up for the email list, and pass along to friends that might be interested:

Noel Hardy's Vintage Tim Mee Star Attack Battle Station:
Noel Hardy's Vintage Tim Mee Star Attack Battle Station

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  • What year and do you have a picture of the original one, i think i have one in the attic?

    Allen strickland on
  • Any update?

    Bear on
  • Hey there fellow Fans, I just sent Jeff an E-mail suggesting that the Laser Rescue Team’s Pistol and Rifle be reissued but about 1/3rd for those of us who would like to use them for “Cosplay”, Building a helmet to match the toy, but in an adult size, isn’t that difficult, but pistol and rifle…not so much. Please let me know what You all think, please? Cheers to all, Larry

    Larry Mager on
  • Why not bring back the BATTLE CARRIER SHIP also?

    Richard on
  • Are those red blazer cannons on the Star Attack Battle Station the same mold as the guns on the side off the C-130 gunship?

    Kristov Kringle on

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