Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half CARGO TRUCK

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The Tim Mee #749 Deuce-and-a-Half 2-1/2 Ton CARGO TRUCK is likely the most iconic and popular Army Men Truck of all time. This truck was proudly manufactured in the United States from 1964 through 1990 by Processed Plastic (Tim Mee's Parent Company). It is THE most requested item for reissue since we first reissued the Tim Mee M16 Soldiers back in 2011.
Vintage Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck

Unfortunately, the location of the original mold is not known, so a reissue is not an easy project. I'm currently in the process of obtaining quotes and specifications to have a new mold made. I want to make certain that a new mold is as close to the original as possible. One planned change is to update the hitch so it's compatible with the current Tim Mee Artillery.
Vintage Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck Parts

The new mold will be expensive, so we may need to launch a pre-order or crowdfunding campaign to get the project over the finish line. If you want this truck back in production make sure to add your email to the 'Notify Me' list here:
Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck Reissue Digital Mockup

Speaking of the 'Notify Me' feature on out of stock items, as you browse the TimMeeUSA.com website you may find some items that say 'Digital Mockup' next to the product image. These are items that have not been produced yet, but could be if there's enough interest. This is something new I'm trying out to give folks another way to let me know what they like.

Thanks for your help,
Jeff at TimMeeUSA.com

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  • Yes, bring back the truck and the old Jeep driver figure. I have several of them and i want more to occupy every truck in my army.

    Sean Kevany on
  • yes please bring this truck back

    Guy Slater on
  • plz bring this back its such a good peice

    Aidan on
  • I’m very pleased to see the army vehicles being reissued again and would like to add my two requests – the large modern army cab-over truck with the large-sized howitzer attached and the beautiful silver P-38 Lightning fighter plane that we all had back in the 60’s thanks from Marty!

    Martin Sutlovich on
  • I would love to see this come back as well as the Tim Mee Medic Set with the Litter Bearers, Dog and Nurse. I would buy several of each

    Roger on

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