Tim Mee Toy Production News: Holiday Season 2022

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Tim Mee Toy production moved to Pennsylvania this year after the Michigan factory that produced the product line since 2011 closed. The new factory is still setting up equipment to produce large items like the Hercules AC-130 Gunship and Walker Bulldog Tanks, so unfortunately there won't be any Hercules sets available in time for Christmas 2022, and Walker Bulldog tanks will run out soon. My current estimate is Spring 2023 before those items are back in stock.

We're also not ready to produce anything with metal axles yet as a lot of the special equipment isn't available, and it's taking time to source new suppliers and machinery. Combat Patrol Willies and Artillery sets in Olive Green are just about sold out. Recon Patrol Modern Armored Car sets in Olive Green and Desert Tan will likely run out soon and I think the 2 packs of Olive Green M34 Deuce and a Half Cargo Trucks will run before the end of 2022 as well. These are all high priority items, but I don't have estimates when new production will be ready.

On the bright side, the folks in Michigan took great care to make sure the Tim Mee Toy line could continue elsewhere, and the former factory manager has been a huge help advising the PA factory on production setup. So far, the new factory has produced the Classic M16 Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians, M48 Patton Tanks, Battle Mountain, F14 / F-15 Jets, and WW2 Fighter Planes. These are all available now and some in more colors than ever before. 

Tim Mee Toy Army Men Colors November 2022 Tim Mee Toy Patton Tank Colors November 2022 Tim Mee Toy Combat Jets
Tim Mee Toy WW2 Fighter Planes
Molding of the Volcano (AKA Danger Mountain) should be starting soon. This is one of the last pieces we need for new production of the Tim Mee Toy Bucket of Army Men. One version will be close to the currently available bucket set (which is running low on stock) just updated to the PA factory colors, and the second will include a brown mountain, tan tank and od green jets. I don't know if these will be available in time for the holidays. We're also getting ready to produce prehistoric and space themed bucket sets by Spring 2023. Here's a color mockup of the Mars bucket:

Tim Mee Toy Space Bucket Mockup
Folks have been using the Louis Marx & Company Cape Canaveral accessories with the Tim Mee Toy Galaxy Laser Team figures together for ages, and they can finally be offered in the same set since the molds are at the same location as the BMC Toys Classic Army Men product line.

The past couple of years have been bananas. I'm very thankful for all your support and patience as we work through the various challenges of keeping this little corner of our culture available to share with current and future generations.

Happy Turkey Day,
Jeff at Tim Mee Toy

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  • Hello Jeff and Happy Christmas to you! I remember with great fondness the Timmee army transport truck the ‘square cab’ model. Any chance it could be brought back? I have seen them go for $60 – $100 on eBay. I have a few myself thanks Marty!

    martin sutlovich on
  • Wouldn’t AC-130 molded in gray with subdued insignia and black guns be gorgeous?

    Brian Baldwin on
  • Looks great. What happened to the black tanks though?

    Tom on

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