Tim Mee Toy Production News: January 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news:


Red and black color variants of the venerable Patton Tanks arrived just before Christmas:

TIm Mee Toy Patton Tanks Red Black


Here's a peak inside the Tim Mee Toy Patton Tank mold:

Tim Mee Toy Patton Tank Mold

I don't have an update on a timeline for new Hercules AC-130 production, but it remains a high priority for 2023. I know lots of folks are waiting for these.

Yet more new color variants of the M16 soldiers are in the works: rust-brown, powder blue, and lime green (previously called bright green). These might be available around March:

Tim Mee Toy new M16 Soldier Color Variants

OD Green and Silver-Gray Prop Plane & Jet color variants have been molded and ready for final packaging, so they should be available around February.

'Bucket of Army Men' production is being held up by one last small part. Hopefully we'll make progress on it soon.

The Walker Bulldog tank mold was tested just before Christmas and we're waiting to see if different equipment is needed for production at the new factory. The SWAT police figure mold was also tested and production is finally moving forward for 24pc bagged sets of Tan/OD Green and Black/Blue. The SWAT figures have been requested a lot over the past few years as a separate item.


The main goal this year is to get popular items back into production ASAP while adding some new color variants along the way. After that we can start digging into the mold archives to see what other vintage Tim Mee goodness we can reissue. 


Happy New Year,

Jeff at Tim Mee Toy


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  • Love the new colors, am hoping for new armored vehicles like an BRT or a M113

    Caden kunkle on
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    Dennis Demchyna on
  • I would like to see the Dominator in tan like the one I had as a kid. I would also like to see the original C-130 without the guns. Do you have the molds for the Battle Carrier?

    Nick on
  • How about offering your tanks in 3 different colors in a pack? You now have red/white/blue, so it would be nice if other color options were available.

    Ron on
  • Love to see those pics of the molds! I often wonder what they look like! My collection is mostly Pink, with other colors for “enemy soldiers”… Thanks for keeping the molds running!

    Brianne on

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