Tim Mee Toy Production News: February 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news:

New color variants that arrived in January:

Tim Mee Toy February 2023 ArrivalsThe tan and gray Walker Bulldog Tanks are expected to arrive within the next couple of months, and I should have an update on the soldier Bucket sets next time. I've made some progress finding a supplier for the metal axles of the smaller Tim Mee army vehicles. Sample axles are being made to test with wheel assembly which is the next step toward resuming production. There's no progress to report on the Hercules AC-130. The big plastic injection machine needed to mold the fuselage isn't ready yet and I'm looking for a supplier that can produce the original style double headed axles that were made with a 'cold heading' process.

I'm behind on product photos, but have a new photographer working on a big batch to help me catch up.

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