Tim Mee Toy Production News: November 2023

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Tim Mee Toy Wheeled Vehicles:

More color variants scheduled to arrive around Mid-November:

Here's all the new artillery color variants:

TM2023Some more vehicle color variants should arrive in December:

Here's all the new Combat Patrol color variants:


Hercules AC-130 production is in progress but the factory is experiencing technical challenges due to the large size of the fuselage mold. We're still trying to produce in time for the holidays, but availability could be pushed into 2024. Here's the updated insert art that shows the new sets are getting a pair of Combat Jets to fill up that big box a little more:


Tim Mee Toy Figures:

The new prehistoric bucket set and mini-volcano terrain parts packs are on the way Mid-November along with yet another soldier color variant requested by customers.


Production of the new Galaxy Laser Team Space Bucket playset is in progress, but may not be ready in time for the holidays.

Battle Mountains production was delayed to get the Hercules wings molded. The new color variants might be ready in December:


Product photography is almost complete, and catalog content creation continues.

For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

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  • Hello. I love your army men stuff for a few years now. I wish though, their was a brown color. Brown is a common color in military uniforms but never in army men.

    Christian Macumber on
  • COOL!

    Bobby Moore on

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