Tim Mee Toy Production News: Thanksgiving November 2023

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Hercules AC-130 Airplane:

Production has started, but it's still uncertain if the Pennsylvania factory can produce some OD Green Hercules AC-130 Airplane Playsets in time for the holidays this year. The mold that makes the wings, props, door, ramp and wheels has already made a bunch of parts:
Tim Mee Toy Hercules AC-130 Plastic Army Men Airplane Wing and Parts

The really big plastic injection machine needed to make the fuselage is almost ready for testing. We won't know if holiday availability will be possible until a part arrives and is installed later next week. I should have an update in the 1st week of December. Here's a rare look inside the huge 6,000 lb fuselage mold:



Tim Mee Toy® Wheeled Vehicles:

More vehicle and artillery color variants have arrived:

Here's all the new  Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck color variants:


Medium Green and Pink variants of the Cargo Trucks and Modern Armored Cars aren't currently scheduled for production. They will be available at some point in 2024 if the Combat Patrol sets in those colors are popular enough.

Tim Mee Toy® Figures:

The new Galaxy Laser Team® Space and Preshistoric bucket playsets have arrived, along with volcanic terrain parts packs and new orange soldiers:

Tim Mee Toy November 2023 Figures, Bucket Playsets, and Accessories

Battle Mountain production should start soon, so new color variants might be ready by mid-December:

Tim Mee Toy Battle Mountain 2023 Color Variants

For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

Happy Tanksgiving,
Jeff at Tim Mee Toy

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  • 3 ton mold? I knew they were big, but not that big. Impressive. I love how you are bringing back the old toys, making new toys, and bringing back the old toys in new ways. Those white and black trucks are calling my name. I asked for them and now you are making them. Looks like I will have to buy them! Thank you Tim Mee and Jeff.

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on
  • Wow a 6,000 lbs mold. Grew up with that Hercules. Seeing it in toy stores and Walmart as a kid. 60.00. Wondering how you make a mold like that. Have the old 1950 60 MPC helicopters looking g for there original molds see who has them so I can get grt into the industry. Have 3d scanner and printer options available. Mold the old Chinook style rescue copter. Research everyday your really peeson who could enlighten or show path into this industry. Where can I get started in army men business and world. Sign me up.

    Adam Johnson on
  • Will you also be making the extra parts for the ac-130 like the propeller and side guns and missiles ?

    Alberto Salceda on

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