Tim Mee Toy Production News: May 2024

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Tim Mee Toy® Realistic Reissues:

Production of the Hercules AC-130 has been delayed as the big machine needed to mold the fuselage hasn't been operational since moving it to the new factory in Pennsylvania. Some great progress was made in April and the machine is finally coming back to life. The next step is testing it with a smaller mold to check that everything is working. This machine will also enable us to reissue other big items like the Tim Mee Toy Aircraft Carrier, Western Fort, and the 3-3/4 action figure scale Star Battle Spaceship (if there is enough interest),

Two new Modern Armored Car color variants, Air Support 8 inch helicopters, and WW2 P-38 Lightning Fighter planes arrived in April: 

Tim Mee 2024

The vintage Processed Plastic Co. B-29 Superfortress Bomber Plane mold was recently tested and after some polishing is ready for production. It's about 1:125 scale with a 13.5 inch wingspan. These should be available around June along with the new Battle Transport sets: 

Another reissue planned for later this summer is the Racing Team figures. The army toy colors will be offered as 'Military Mechanics and Media' as they make good specialist figures such as mechanics, ground crew, test pilot, and film crew. Here's the insert card art and test shots of the Racing Team and B-29:

Tim Mee 2024

For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

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  • very nice! but are you guys gonna plan on making other vintage things? like the vintage tim mee elevated cannon and square cabbed truck or the empire pt boat?

    Massi on
  • Definitely have interest in the Star Battle Spaceship, would love to see a picture of it! Glad to hear the good news about the Hercules AC-13

    Louie on
  • Will you be having any Daniel Boone

    Danny Roper on
  • Very clever on the racing set being used as military and media. I certainly will want to pick up some of those in green for Army and blue for Navy and Air Force. Always something new and surprising from Tim Mee.

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on

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