Tim Mee Toy Production News: June 2024

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Tim Mee Toy® Realistic Reissues:

The stalled Hercules AC-130 production appears to be moving forward this summer. The big machine needed to mold the fuselage is working and the factory is running some smaller molds to fully test it before installing the 6000lb fuselage mold. 

Production is complete for the B-29 Superfortress Bomber Airplane and we should have product photos ready around mid-June. The Battle Transport Pickup and Jeep axles were delayed so final production was pushed into June. Both should be available around early July. 

Tim Mee Toy

Pirate sets are also getting produced this summer. The bagged sets will include 3 color variants of the 1:40 scale pirate figures, island with treasure chest, rowboat, and a flag. The bucket set will also include the rocky dock, MPC Naval Cannon, and Louis Marx & Co. palm trees.  

The factory has been running the rocky dock and pirate accessories to test out the big machine that will be molding the Hercules fuselage. So far it's working well.

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