Tim Mee Toy Production News: April 2024

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Tim Mee Toy® Realistic Reissues:
Production of the Hercules AC-130 is stalled as the big machine that molds the fuselage is still undergoing troubleshooting. We'll be looking into sending the mold to another factory for the initial production run.

The Air Support 8 inch helicopters and a couple new Modern Armored Car variants and will arrive around Mid-April:


The vintage Processed Plastic Co. P-38 Lightning Fighter Plane mold was recently tested and after a minor repair is ready for production. It's about 1:50 scale with a 12.25 inch wingspan. These should be available around May along with the new Battle Transport sets:

Here's the new Battle Transport insert art and a P-38 test shot:

Battle transport

For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

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