Tim Mee Toy Production News: May 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news:

Lots of restocks and new items are in progress and next batch is estimated to arrive around Mid-May. The new Soldier Buckets are expected to start final assembly this month, and Sea King Rescue 'Copter sets in OD Green and Gray colors should be getting under way as well.

Equipment News:
Manufacturing the Tim Mee Toy product line in Pennsylvania got a big boost this month when the pneumatic assembly equipment finally arrived at the Old Forge factory. It's been stuck warehoused in the Midwest since the Michigan plant closed in 2021. The former Michigan factory manager did us a huge favor by driving out there and spending a week searching through giant warehouses of equipment in Illinois and Iowa to locate and identify the missing equipment. Most of the equipment was purpose built by the tool shop in Michigan, but we did get the wheel & axle assembly  machine for the 1:16 scale Jeep that was from the Processed Plastic Co. era (big machine on left).

Tim Mee Toy Pnuematic Assembly Equipment


Walker Bulldog Tanks:
The gray 'Walker Bulldog Tank' is the first item to benefit from the equipment and final assembly is now much easier. Some of the OD Green and Tan production didn't fully snap together so we're in the process of inspecting all the inventory and using the fixtures correct any issues.

Tim Mee Toy Walker Bulldog TANK Gray

Army Men Wheeled Vehicles:
We're getting closer to finalizing the axle and wheel assembly details for the smaller Tim Mee Army vehicles. The wheel tool is scheduled for some different plastic test shots next week so we can try out assembly with sample axles and the newly arrived pneumatic fixture.

Hercules AC-130:
I've located the original axle manufacturer that worked with Processed Plastic Co. and they are digging into their archives to see if they still have the equipment to make the specialized double ended axles used in the Hercules AC-130. The wing and parts mold has been tested and is working well, but the larger machine needed for the fuselage mold isn't ready yet. We have another local factory lined up that can mold the fuselage if needed.

I'm working hard on booking manufacturing and printing so products can be ready in time for the 2023 holiday season. Priorities include all the smaller scale wheeled army vehicles, Dinosaurs and Cavemen, Galaxy Laser Team, and Legendary Battle Fantasy Figures (and, of course the Hercules AC-130).

Jeff at Tim Mee Toy

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  • Thank you for the updates, and all the work you and everyone is doing is much appreciated.

    Louie C on
  • Any chance of some new Galaxy Laser Team colors? Maybe Cyan and/or Yellow?


    John on
  • Thanks Jeff for all the hard work you do. I look forward to buying more Tim Mee products this year!

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on
  • Thanks, Jeff, for the Behind the Scenes post. Not too many actually know about (let alone understand) what it takes to make the toys we love. It must be quite the challenge to perpetuate the older lines without the benefit of full time tool and die staff to not just refurbish the old molds but to keep all the specialty machinery in good working order. Perhaps even more difficult when having to work with non-standard, specially made tooling made decades ago and being just one of a kind! Well speaking for myself, thanks for all your efforts and know it is appreciated by this 70 year old “kid kollector”!

    Tom Dye on
  • Sounds good.

    Bobby Gene Moore on

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