Tim Mee Toy Production News: April 2023

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Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news:

I've put a hold on the  'Walker Bulldog Tank' inventory. Some tank tracks weren't snapped in completely, so they need to be inspected and any issues corrected.

The new flagpole mold has been made so final assembly of the Soldier Buckets should be starting soon. We're still working on axle and wheel assembly details for the smaller Tim Mee Army vehicles. The wing and parts mold of the Hercules AC-130 is scheduled for testing, and we're working on an axle solution. It's been very difficult to find a shop to make the double ended axles so we may need to convert it to use a straight axle like the small vehicles.  

The 'SWAT' bagged figures have completed production and will be available around Mid-May. I've booked restock production for the Tim Mee M16 soldiers with a new Tri-Linqual 72pc OD Green, Tan and Gray pack. The Lime Green color (formerly Bright Green) variant that didn't make the last production run will also be produced. Patton Tank restocks are also booked with a Rust Brown color variant. I'm moving the 1950's era DK Novelty soldiers from the BMC Toys brand to Tim Mee Toy since they are copies of the early Tim Mee Toy WW2 soldiers. I commissioned some new comic book style art made for the inserts:
Tim Mee Toy Insert Art April 2023

To make sure as many new products as possible will be available for the 2023 holiday season I'm prioritizing getting production booked and package/sticker art ready. This means I need to delay working on new online shop product content for next month or two.

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