Tim Mee Toy Production News: June 2023

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Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news:

Several new items  and color variants arrived in May:
Here's some package photos and the new Tim Mee Toy Universal Sticker sheet that will be included in the upcoming OD Green and Gray Rescue 'Copters and many of the wheeled vehicles. Changes include new medical stickers and black letter serial numbers that look better with all the different colors. I also added some extra flags and stars so only one sheet will be needed for the Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Trucks:
Tim Mee Toy New Item Package Photos June 2023
More new Tim Mee Toy items expected to arrive late June include:
This initial Pennsylvania production run of the OD Green & Tan modern armored cars are being assembled with NOS axle assemblies. I tested out wheel assembly for the smaller Tim Mee Army vehicles with some new sample axles and wheels in several different plastic materials. The results weren't satisfactory so the machine shop is making some more axles this week with different machining on the end. I spoke with the owner of the machine shop that made axles for Processed Plastic Co. He built the special machine that made the double headed axles and everyone who ran it is retired so right now it's uncertain if we'll be able to get them made. In the meantime I've requested sample straight axles sized for the Hercules AC-130 in case the double-headed axles aren't feasible in the near future. Here's the pneumatic axle assembly tool:
Tim Mee Toy Pnuematic Wheel Assembly Fixture

I'm still working hard on production orders for 2023 and trying to stay one step ahead of the factory with the package art. This is taking priority over new product content so you may see some gaps in new photos and product pages over the summer. 

Have a safe and reflective Memorial Day,
Jeff at Tim Mee Toy

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  • …the new universal decal sheet is an excellent idea…

    Clarence on
  • Keep it up guys, you are doing great

    Trex2009x on
  • Say, I just went to the online catalog and see SALE items. … Are any still available? Ready to order …

    Wm. Paul Gruendler on
  • Hey, Tim Mee. You guys make great Army Men figures, tanks and vehicles, and aircraft. I appreciate your hard work. And I have some things in mind that you might be interested. Could you make modern tanks like the M1A1 Abrams, modern helicopters, and even small naval ships from WW2 to the Cold War? Just a suggestion for the future. Happy Memorial Day, and carry on with your work.

    , Jared

    Jared on

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