Tim Mee Toy Production News: July 2023

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Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news...

Several new items and color variants arrived in June:

Tim Mee Toy New Products June 2023

The machine shop I've been working with came up with a great new axle end design for the Modern Armored Cars, Cargo Trucks, MB Willys and Artillery. The PA factory should be able to begin production of the vehicles in July or early August. I also received sample axles for the Hercules AC-130 in the same style. I've made the decision to move forward with this new axle, as the original double-headed axles have not been feasible to get produced. This will require some minor alterations to the wheel cavities in the plastic injection mold, but we're one step closer to production.

New Tim Mee Toy items estimated to arrive around August include:

The Modern Armored Cars and Deuce-and-a-Half Trucks are not getting Medium Green or Pink color variants this year. There's only so much space in the production schedule and budget and I prioritize color variants based on overall popularity. Red and Black edged out Pink and Medium Green, but they will most likely be added to the next production run in 2024.

The MB Willys and Artillery will be getting a bunch of color variants including Medium Green and Pink this fall. I learned the mold has extra cannon chassis that were never used by the Michigan factory, so moving forward there will be separate 4 piece packs of artillery available. The next batch of Modern Armored Cars will have compatible hitches, so there will be 3 different vehicles that can tow the artillery. Here's some of the new insert art, with a special 'Tanks to Frank over at the Tim Mee Army Blog for sharing a scan of the vintage artillery art:

Tim Mee Toy Insert Card Art July 2023

The People at Play Suburban Family figures reissue will include 2 different 3 color assortments: Red, Blue & Yellow / OD Green, Tan & Gray.

I'm still working on package art for 2023 production. This is taking priority over new product content so you may see some gaps in new photos and product pages over the summer.

Happy Independence Day!
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  • So, we’re getting Orange Cold War classic guys? Doesn’t say it but the pic is there.

    Timothy Morris on
  • Looks like black and white trucks and a few suburban family sets for me in the future. I picked up the red trucks and am very happy with them.

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on

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