Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half CARGO TRUCK Update #1

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's a small update about the Tim Mee #749 Deuce-and-a-Half 2-1/2 Ton CARGO TRUCK project. I know folks want to know when, how much, will it come in tan?, etc., but I don't have those answers just yet. Last May I sent off a vintage example to get quotes for a new mold and then....crickets. Here's the deal - some of you may recall the large scale Tim Mee #739 Jeep reissue finally arrived last fall, but was nearly 2 years late. That was due to several delays from the factory's toolmaker when a new wheel mold had to be made. Since then, the factory has been working with a new toolmaker that has been doing a great job reproducing molds (and also keeping on schedule). The factory just sent a vintage sample of the Cargo Truck to their new toolmaker to get quotes, so we're pretty much back to were we were last May. Once we get mold and production quotes we can take the next steps in developing this project.

One good thing is that a lot of folks added their email to the 'possible' item page I made last year. This really helps keep the project viable, so I've created a dedicated email list so you can let me know you support the 'Deuce' and also get occasional updates about the project's progress:

Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck Reissue Digital Mockup


Thanks for your support,
Jeff at TimMeeUSA.com

Link to Previous Blog Post: https://timmeeusa.com/blogs/news/tim-mee-deuce-and-a-half-cargo-truck

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  • From the scraps of info I can piece together, apparently the cost of the initial mold is the single largest expenditure. I’m also guessing mold making companies also charge a fee for design, setup, etc….

    Clarence Causey on
  • You know, I’ve flirted with the idea of designing, possibly making army men. This seems like such a logistical headache though. Wow.

    Robert on

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