Tim Mee Toy Production News: September 2023

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Here's the latest Tim Mee Toy production news...

Restocks and new items arrived in August:

Tim Mee Toy Insert Art 2023

Modern Armored Cars and 2.5 Ton Cargo Trucks are well into final production and the Combat Patrol and Artillery sets should also start this month. I'm hoping to finalize production of the Hercules AC-130 in time for the holidays.

New Tim Mee Toy items estimated to arrive around early October:

New Space Sci-Fi and Prehistoric Bucket sets are also planned to be ready for the holidays. Here's the label art:

Tim Mee Image Art 2 2023

I've made a lot of progress on new product content, but there is still an enormous amount of work to do. Please bear with me as I've officially bitten off more than I can chew.

Happy Labor Day,
Jeff at Tim Mee Toy

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  • Hi,

    I noticed that the orange color of the TimMee Galaxy Laser Team SPACE Figures – Purple vs Orange 50pc Set looks to be a different shade of orange than the orange of the TIMMEE GALAXY LASER TEAM SPACE FIGURES – RED VS ORANGE 50PC SET – MADE IN USA set. Are the oranges between the 2 sets actually different shades of orange or is it just different lighting in the pictures that is making the orange look like different shades of orange? Thanks.

    John on
  • super excited for the medical trucks!!
    i do have a question, will all the new registration plates be in white or are they just temporary photos?

    blob on
  • TM-67948 Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck 2pc Black
    I have been waiting for that one! Glad to see it make it into production.
    Thank you so much for all you do bringing Tim Mee back better than ever! And I say that as a loyal customer for over 60 years!

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek on

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