Tim Mee Toy Production News: January 2024

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Tim Mee Toy® Realistic Reissues:

The new Battle Mountain color variants arrived last month:



Production of the Hercules AC-130 is still on hold. More parts for the big machine that molds the fuselage were ordered last month. The silver-gray weapon accessories have been molded and will be available as a parts pack around early February. I don't have an estimate when the first batch of Hercules will be ready. My best guess is late February or March, however further delays are possible.

We'll be filling in some color variants as restocks are manufactured. Medium Green and Pink Combat Jets will get produced the next time the mold is running. I've also booked production of 2 really cool 1:32 scale vehicles that were originally made by Strombecker Company. The van-like light truck appears to be inspired by custom and concept vehicles from the 60's/70's, and shares molds with an M38 style round fender canvas top jeep. The hitches have been revised so they can tow the current Tim Mee Toy M3 artillery. The chassis/interior/grill will be Silver-Gray and the initial production run will include OD Green, Tan and Red body color variants. These should be available around Spring 2024:

TimMee 24


Other projects for 2024 include reissues of the 8 inch attack and civilian helicopters in Black, OD Green, and Tan, 1:48 scale construction vehicles in Yellow/Black and OD Green, and possibly a Staghound Armored Car reissue. This is one of the earliest Tim Mee Toy / Processed Plastic Co. molds and hasn't been produced since the 1960's. This mold survived scrapping over the decades thanks to someone scrawling 'KEEP' in yellow paint on the mold. The armored cars below were test shots made in Michigan a few years ago:


For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

Happy New Year,
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  • if you make the Staghound, I will buy a bunch of them.

    Sean on
  • If they end up making that Staghound, I’m definetly buying some!

    Luka on
  • Maybe Kickstart ghat Staghound! I need six.

    William Gruendler (Wim Grundy) on
  • I am extremely excited for the potential of a staghound reissue

    Blob on

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