Tim Mee Toy Production News: February 2024

Posted by Jeff Imel on

Tim Mee Toy® Realistic Reissues:
Production of the Hercules AC-130 is stalled as the big machine that molds the fuselage needs some more specialized tech help to get it's software working correctly.

The silver-gray AC-130 weapon parts packs should arrive Mid-February along with some restocks and 2 new Combat Jet color variants:
Tim Mee 2024

I've ordered OD-Green and Tan packs of the Modern Armored Cars and some fill-in color variants. The Attack and Transport 8 inch helicopters haven't been offered for a few years and will be available in 4 colors. These should all arrive some time this Spring:
Tim Mee 2024

Another project approaching the finish line is the Combat Convoy. It's a complete 64 piece playset packed in a plain brown shipping carton. Production is in progress and estimated to arrive around March:

Tim Mee 2024


For the latest BMC Toys production updates, visit the BMC Toys Blog:

Happy Groundhog Day,
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  • Any chance tim mee would ever make civil war figures ??

    John Brindley on
  • Cant wait for the new stuff coming from timmee and BMC. Im especially excited for more pink vehicles like the armoured cars

    boredboi on
  • Thanks for posting upcoming products. Looking forward to the helos!

    Lance Thompson on
  • Hi there. I’m Jared. I’m a big fan of your toy army men. I love the details of your soldiers, tanks, vehicles, and aircraft. But, I think I have a question for you. Do you think you can create some new Army Men toys, like a Main Battle Tank like the M1 Abrams in the future?

    Jared on

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